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Unframing Photography on Google Map

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Each of the 10 artworks have been installed and exhibited close to the same location in which the public interaction took place. They have been then photographed with a 360º camera and uploaded on Google Map as 'public art sculptures. They are now accessible on Google Map from everywhere in the world and for an indefinite amount of time.

You can scroll all the 360º images below to view the full perspective

Homo Photographicus

I entered a wooden box and I read aloud a text with my arm stretched out from a hole holding a photographic camera. The text is about the weight of photography and the influence of screens and display devices in our contemporary society.

Floating Memories

I was floating on sea water in the middle of Folkestone Harbour. I wanted to create a perfect mirrored image of myself holding a camera and a printed version glued on a large polystyrene sheet. Unexpectedly the polystyrene sheet on which I was laying started breaking in pieces... so the action ended up focusing on holding firmly and motionless. I was transported by the water current and the wind while I was handling a camera and typing the keyboard of a laptop.

Seeing Otherwise

I was entering and exiting from three free standing doors wearing a pair of VR headset. The live image captured by the camera was my vision. After a brief interaction with the members of the public assisting the action, I immersed the camera inside a glass container full of water. The signal and my vision black out. I then took off the oculus and immersed my head inside a larger glass container full of water. I was breathing through a plastic tube. I then reached out my arm and collected some earth from another glass container and pour it on top of my head - Another blackout.

A Measured Vision

I built a structure, something in between a large compass, an obsolete tripod and an outmoded space probe. I was using the device to draw circles on the sand while measuring distance and time. I had not definite directions. I was wearing a police anti-riot outfit. The tide was growing and some of the traces disappeared.

A Life Behind A Lens

I placed myself inside a see-through cabinet/box wearing a white american football outfit and holding a photographic camera with flashgun. Three helpers on hi vis vest were moving the cabinet/box in different locations of Folkestone city centre. I kept shooting all the passersby.

Breathing Pictures

I was wearing a black monoculus costume and playing a whimsical brass instrument. I was trying to photograph using my breathing. The instrument had a flashgun attached to it so the capturing had a visual as as as sonic manifestation. The audience was invited to follow me and witness my photographic choices and my interaction with passersby.

Double Truth

In a dance studio surrounded by mirrors I performed a number of choreographed actions using a selection of props: white gaffer tape, shaving foam, small mirrors and a photograph printed on soluble paper. Each action was aimed to leave a trace and each trace was aimed to outline an interrogation mark.

Provisional Immortality

My naked torso was coming out of a table positioned in the middle of St Eanswythe church. While I was holding a block of ice with my photo camera in it, my friend Ash was lighting candles directly stuck on my shoulders and arms. On the table my collaborator Aida placed a selection of daguerrotype images of anonymous photographers. On my head I was balancing a book titled the Chronology of Photography and few more candles.

A Programmed Life

I built a yellow structure from which I hanged an empty frame on one side and a large television screen on the other. Wearing a yellow outfit and holding my camera, I walked in and out of the frame repetitively. Each time I entered the frame I took a picture and triggered a flash light.

Sharing Control

I connected through a small chain my photo camera to a small harness fit on to a chicken. I have also connected the same camera to the ring of a leather bondage gimp mask. I was blindfolded, partially deaf and naked. All my movements and all my photographic decisions were taken in correspondence to the chicken’s activities.

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