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A photographer caged by their own camera.

All images © Manuel Vason and Mick Williamson

5th Public Intervention / Duration 40 min

Manuel Vason and Mick Williamson

In collaboration with James Gwatkin and Tristan Broers

18th November 2021

12.00 PM a promenade from Bouverie Place Shopping

Centre [ASDA entrance] to Folkestone Museum

When I look through a camera or a screen, I automatically frame what I see... In other words, a camera is boxing my vision and the world I live.

I'm standing inside a camera [obscura] which sides are frosted.

My vision is blurred and my focus on sounds and smells is exponentially incremented.

I photograph in response to ghostly shapes while my breathing and the click of my camera are amplified.

A photographer caged by their own camera is innocuous and more playful.

All photographs taken represent memories of a creature inside an aquarium called photography.

The PhotoPerformer, 2021

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