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An exercise to escape predicability.
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All images © Manuel Vason and Matt Rowe

4th Public Intervention / Duration 2 hours

Manuel Vason and Matt Rowe

14th November 2021

11.00 AM at Sunny Sands Beach

[Next to Folkestone Harbour]

I constructed a redundant ‘photographic’ apparatus, a blend of a compass, an aerial structure and a military device.

I have been programmed to write circles on the sand.

I measure time in circle or maybe it is the time that manifests itself in circle...

While I was measuring, I have been thinking at the relationship between a circle and a spiral and the two sides of a cone.

The camera attached in front of the apparatus was functioning as a weight, balancing the push of the wind whilst mapping a speculative diagram on the beach.

While I was spiralling, I have been thinking at photography as a magnetic force which gains more and more power of attraction in the moment which we tent to repel it.

While I was dancing a choreography of measured movements, I was contemplating photography as a recording device which traces had a sandglass attached to it.

Disappearance is inevitable and unmeasurable.

The PhotoPerformer,  2021

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