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In and out the frame of awareness...
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All images © Manuel Vason and Clare Unsworth

9th Public Intervention / Duration 120 min

Manuel Vason and Clare Unsworth

6th March 2022

2.00 PM at Folkestone Harbour Fountain

CT20 1QW, Folkestone, UK.

I always associate the colour yellow with the word ‘alert’ and the ‘fool’  tarot card… and I sense a real attraction to it!


I’m looking at the window searching for inspiration and I’m staring at the screen absorbing informations.


Everything is framed and frontally presented, for everyone and no one in particular.


Is the frame a timer I can stop and start by stepping in and out?


Before I step into it, the frame looks suspended and heavy, then once inside, I see myself frontal, flattened and incredibly light.

Yes, the frame becomes a vacuum that absorbs all my depth and critical weight.


I stop looking back,  I pay attention to my sides and I cut off the peripheral.


It is so much EASIER that I quickly get used and very comfortable.


The repetition of walking inside the homogeneity of the frame becomes a new world of possibilities, full of freedom - although my movements are so restricted and prescribed, I sense a huge sense of liberty - I can choose the speed of my actions, the leg I lift first to enter the frame, the position of my camera, the number of steps, etc…


I become like the memory card inside my camera: given the instruction, I choose the speed of the operation!


Is the frame a channel between past and future, me and you, my mind and my body?


While stepping in and out, I think of the soldiers synchronised on a given drill… so much training to become one.


Every time I pass that thin layer of framed accessibility I click my camera and flash my vision.


Is the frame a metaphor for the pathology of contemporary visuality?


Well, the most important thing is that I am visible!

The PhotoPerformer 2022

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