When the eyes reach the throat

All images © Manuel Vason and #jacquitheartist

6th Public Intervention / Duration 30 min

Manuel Vason and #jacquitheartist

24th November 2021

12.00 PM a promenade along The Leas

[Starting from the Memorial Arch] Folkestone.

'I breath-in collecting particles of oxygen thorough the cavities of my body,

I picture-in information through my eyes,

I breath-out carbon dioxide,

I picture-out selected photographs.

When I take a picture, I tend to hold my breathe.


There is a strong dialogue between breathing and photographing. They both seem to be essential and existential, they both involve a mixture of controlled and uncontrolled actions.

They both can be considered the cause and the remedy of a lot of psychophysical issues.


I walk in front a small audience, it looks like I’m heading the procession of a funeral.

At every photograph I breath out a strange sound, an unskilled sound of a voice without gasp.


Every passerby can’t make their minds and they ended up with an hysteric laugh.


More I familiarised with the device and more I become addicted to it.


I walk toward the exhaustion and I become my own shadow.

The PhotoPerformer, Folkestone 2021