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In-Between Lenses 
Video Documentary

During the different phases of the project, Alex Davies has been following Manuel Vason taking the guise of the PhotoPerformer carrying out 10 Public Interventions captured by the 10 maverick photographers across 10 different locations in Folkestone.

The Documentary directed and edited by Davies questions the delicate relationship between photographer and subject and gives space to the comments and voices of the members of the public.

To watch an edited version of video add the password: MV2022

Here the link:

In-Between Lenses documentary was screened at the auditorium of Quaterhouse on the 30th of April and followed by a Q&A session with the director Alex Davies and Manuel Vason.

Q&A session after the projection of the documentary at Quaterhouse.jpg

'We might not change the world but a different practice of photography could change the way we see it.'

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