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The foolish invention of objectivity

All images © Manuel Vason and Lee Hooper

7th Public Intervention / Duration 30 min

Manuel Vason and Lee Hopper

26th November 2021

6.30 PM at Block 67 Digital:Glassowrks

[Entrance from Mill Bay] Folkestone.

I perform in a room surrounded by mirrors.

A space of/for reflections, a space of double and multiple truths.

I have chosen shaving foam as material for the action because of its impermanent status, its superficial application and its connection with masculinity.


I see Truth and Objectivity well in correspondence with male empowerment.

I devised a circuit of tasks and symbolic actions aimed to deconstruct any sense of Truth.

I exercise its limits.

I'm attempting to pierce the veil of empirical facts by opening objective truth with personal interpretation.

I’m moving inside a space called photography. A parallel space that pulls me apart from the actual.

The PhotoPerformer 2021

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