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The Photographic Garden


The Photographic Garden represents a metaphorical space of perpetual transformation in which geometric order and technological innovation are constantly frustrated and sabotaged by the chaotic forces  of nature.

Composed of photographic images directly printed or transferred onto large sculptural structures, the Photographic Garden invites members of the public to witness the fertile entanglement of factual and fictional and participate in the imagination of new perspectives.

The Exhibition took place at the UCA Brewery Tap Project Space in Folkestone from the 29th of April till the 9th of May 2022.

1 The Photographic Garden_002May 02 2022.jpg
2 The Photographic Garden_034May 02 2022.jpg
3 The Photographic Garden_020May 02 2022.jpg
4 The Photographic Garden_088May 02 2022.jpg
9 The Photographic Garden_027May 02 2022.jpg
10 The Photographic Garden_099May 02 2022.jpg
7 The Photographic Garden_026May 02 2022.jpg
13 The Photographic Garden_016May 02 2022.jpg
11 The Photographic Garden_052May 02 2022.jpg
12 The Photographic Garden_054May 02 2022.jpg
15 The Photographic Garden_110May 02 2022 1.jpg
The Photographic Garden_035May 02 2022.jpg
Exhibition opening.jpg

Few images of the opening by Rubiane Maia

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