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A human drifting onto the surface of being.
Unframing photography - Manuel Vason and Thierry Bal - 21.09.2021 -11.jpg

All Images © Manuel Vason and Thierry Bal

2nd Public Intervention / Duration 2 hours

Manuel Vason and Thierry Bal

21st September 2021

12.00 noon at Folkestone Harbour 

[in front of Bob's seafood kiosk]

I'm drifting away moved by the current and a gentle wind pushing in opposite directions.

I am surface, I am flat and I'm sinking.

There are two images in confrontation debating what is real and what is illusion.

I'm holding on tight - in full stillness - living the process of becoming image, pretending to typewrite and facing my vital precariousness.


Even this incredible experience - at some point - will submerge.'

The PhotoPerformer, 2021

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