A human disconnected by a technological eye...

All images © Manuel Vason and Chelsey Browne

1st Public Intervention / Duration 25 min

Manuel Vason and Chelsey Browne

1st September 2021

5pm at Custom House

Folkestone Harbour Arm

'I enter a box with a hole, I extend my arm and a photo camera grips on my hand.

I'm separated from the world by a filter of superiority, an illusion of control and lack of touch. While I'm more and more blindfolded, I archive every shots, every insignificant click, every automated impulse. I'm trying to expand knowledge but I'm ending up more and more lonely.

I'm occupied extracting data and I'm circumscribed by infinite numbers... too many for me... thanks God there are machines...'

The PhotoPerformer, Folkestone 2021