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The photographic power of confusing which memory is real and which is imagined.

All images © Manuel Vason and Aida Silvestri

8th Public Intervention / Duration 60 min

Manuel Vason and Aida Silvestri

5th December 2021

6.00 PM at Paris Church of St Mary and St Eanswythe

CT20 1SE, Folkestone, UK.

I exercise my focus on the presence of the two forces of Cold and Hot by holding a frozen camera while candle wax was running down my arms.

They are counteracting and merging.

I sense fear, exhaustion, peacefulness and numbness all at the same time.

I breathe intensely.

The flickering lights of the candles help me to enter a state of ecstasy.

This is a performance of trust… I completely rely on Ash to transform me into a living object, an image.

I’m so grateful, Ash.

The smell of burned skin and hair is intense as the gaze of the few people witnessing the live action.

I'm trying to stay strong and focused while I'm touching my venerability.

I'm struggling, I don’t know how long I can hold on… my panic.

A tessellation of possibility and limitation all around me.

All around me, on the table, I have displayed found images of anonymous photographers and their presence is shining through the candles.

They are breathing with me, unnamed.

The PhotoPerformer 2021

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