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A human immerged into a camera.

All images © Manuel Vason and Igor Emmerich

3rd Public Intervention / Duration 40 min

Manuel Vason and Igor Emmerich

25th September 2021

4.00 PM at Mill Bay, Folkestone 

[Digital:Glassworks car park]

I am aware photography is affecting the way I perceive the world and I memorise it.

I entered and exited the same three doors with a fabricated sense of freedom.

I signal out gestures with my body holding an artificial eye.

The light illuminating my eyes is different from the light illuminating my skin.

I immerse my head and my camera into a glass bowl full of water mixed with earth.


My intention - now - is to expand my horizon and grow new eyes.

Me and my camera are dunking like a biscuit in the tea.

The PhotoPerformer, 2021

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