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I’m not sure what I’m framing at, but I’m ok, I’m sharing control.
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All images © Manuel Vason and Amy Johnson

10th Public Intervention / Duration 120 min

Manuel Vason and Amy Johnson

20th March 2022

2.30 till 4.30 PM at Brewery Tap UCA Project Space

53 Tontine Street  Folkestone, CT20 1JR, UK

* One member of the public at the time.

   No pre-booking is required

In front of my lens there is a chicken, a chicken holding the lead.

Yet, a stupidly vulnerable bird.


A chicken equipped with strong instinct and anchored to nature.


What are we doing in this space?


An experiment?

I use my consciousness to see all the options and take decisions.


Yet, against the risk of failure, I make narratives, I picture them and I distort reality.


So many questions???


You are carrying on with your life while I’m struggling with all the questions.


I follow you, breathing my air and resting only when you are.

Now, I take a picture guessing where you are.


You are probably looking at me and you are not even bother to question if this is pure insanity.

I’m feeling stupidly vulnerable like a chicken.


I’m not sure what I’m framing at, but I’m ok, I’m sharing control.

A stupidly vulnerable chicken offers me a frame of reference and orientation outside my mind…

The PhotoPerformer, 2022

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